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Fat Burning Water

Enhanced Fat Loss Supplement Powder

Clinically proven and patented to increase the number of receptors that burn fat by 7.6 fold.

By taking LIPIBURN® after each meal, you will offset the calorie intake from that meal and burn more stored fat. With 7 times the capacity to burn fat you naturally lose weight and become healthier in the process. LIPIBURN®'s active ingredient Paeoniflorin(PF) has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of a number diseases, increase health and well-being.

Read our publication in Frontiers In Bioscience where LIPIBURN® was awarded Landmark Science.

READ PUBLICATIONhttps://www.imrpress.com/journal/FBL/24/3/10.2741/4726


I Started taking Lipiburn 3 weeks ago, my weight at the beginning was 70kg and a BMI of 24.8. Now, at the end of 3 weeks, my weight is  67 kg and my BMI is 22.9. So these three weeks they were amazing I lost weight without altering my dietary habits. I had better sleep patterns in overall during the day throughout the day even duringwork. I felt that I had more energy so overall for the last 3-weeks, it was remarkable improvement, so I recommend it to everybody who wants to improvetheir lifestyle. 

Nick T.


Lipiburn is such a miraculous product. I have tried all means to loseweight for the previous year to prepare for my wedding. None of these other exercises or diets worked.  Lipiburn has boosted the capability of my body to break down fat. Without a change in diet, my weight went down from 72kg to 69kg, as well as a 4% drop in body fat ratio in 3 weeks.  It also tastes good with a wide variety of flavours. Taking Lipiburn has become my healthy daily habit. I absolutely recommend itfor all my friends who would like to lose weight! 

Nic L.


I have been using Lipiburn for over a month now, Originally, I was weighted 102.4 kg. After 4 months, my weight dropped to 97 kg. Which is the most significant weight loss I have ever had. Now my weight has been locked at 94-96 range for these days, even I'm not using as much as I did before. Overall, I'm super happy with weight loss!

Tony Ko

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LIPIBURN® Paeoniflorin(PF) Supplement Powder

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LIPIBURN® Fat Burning Water

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The LIPIBURN® story

It all started in 2002 when Prof. Rabie attended a course about Mesotherapy in New York where tiny injections were used to dissolve fat. During the two days course it became apparent that Mesotherapy does not break down fat into the byproducts ( components) of fat rather, only melts fat temporarily which means it can rebuild in a matter of weeks. With his vast knowledge in cellular and molecular biology, he became interested in finding a safe and natural plant extract that can metabolize fat the physiologic way.

Our fat cells have receptors ( command rooms) that build fat (6 in men and 8 in women) and receptors that burn fat ( 2 in men and 3 in women). Simply a losing battle. Our bodies are made to store fat for the times of need. After 8 years of research, he managed to prove that the natural plant extract LIPIBURN increases the number of the receptors that burn fat by 7.6 fold. In other words, with 7 times the capacity to burn fat you are bound to slowly and consistently lose weight and become healthier in the process. The level of excitement soared with this discovery and the Professor kept on going to elucidate the mechanism of action of lipiburn. He found out that these fat burning receptors over produce the key enzyme responsible for breaking down fat, The Hormone Sensitive Lipase ( HSL). You probably have never of heard of HSL, but it is the enzyme that tones you up and gets rid of excess fat in your body.

Isn’t it interesting to know that you can increase the levels of HSL in your body by “ Intermittent Fasting”, by “ Standing” or by “ High Intensity Training”. The fourth method is by taking Lipiburn. Professor Rabie invented and patented Lipiburn, that by taking after each meal,  you will off set the calorie intake from that meal and burn more of the stored fat. The scientific community shared Professor Rabie’s enthusiasm by awarding his research published at the Frontiers of Bioscience in January 2019 as “Land Mark Science” lending credence to the exceptional high quality of the research.

Meet the inventor

Professor Rabie is the founder and President of Tyjito Biotech Ltd, a biotech company that bridges the gap between research and the market. He has always carried out research with clinical value to it, including over 15 patents in the area of fat loss using natural plant extract.

After securing his first patent in May 2011, he developed the Oya Body Shaping clinics in 2012 to use his propriety technology in fat burning and weight loss. His most recent publication about LIPIBURN® in Frontiers of Bioscience in 2019 was awarded Landmark Science, lending credence to the quality of his work. Professor Rabie won the best research published at the Int. Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery on 1996 and again in 2006 in the Int Journal of Surgery.

Lipiburn Clinical Study

The Effect of Short Term use of Lipiburn on Fat Loss in Obese Individuals

International Journal of Clinical Studies & Medical Case Reports

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