Oya Crème

Anti-ageing face cream

Start from the age of 20, we lost about 1% of collagen every year.

On top of the aging, there are a few more factors that would accelerate the aging process / trigger early aging. 


Skin ages due to pollutants and consumption of carbohydrates, leading to glycation. When pollutants go into the human body, they dissolve in the fat layer under the skin, and produce chemical reaction that start wrinkling. External factors such as sun, environmental and pollution exposure further damages the skin. Diet consisting of sugars and carbohydrates lead to glycation. Compromising your collagen.


  • UV light damage DNA in cell that produce collagen.
  • Food we eat: Sugar binds with collagen and produces chemical reaction called glycation. Glycation causes the collagen to wrinkle. 
  • Glycation: the existing collagen fibres change the configuration, then the enzymes fail to remove the old collagen, hence the new collagen cannot be formed.

Collagen provides skin firmness, elastin supplies skin elasticity and glycosaminoglycan’s (GAGs) keep the skin hydrated. When old collagen stays, that’s when aging and sagging start. If our collagen fibres are wrinkled, they cannot remove the old collagen and they cannot lay down the fresh collagen. Therefore, we need to start detoxing our skin, to get way from pollution and make collagen stays. 

After the age of 35, a person produces less of components.

Oya Detox Crème remodels the surface layer fat and destroy the pollutant storage.


8 years were spent on the research of Oya Crème.

Scientific paper published in “Frontiers in Bioscience, Landmark, January 1st 2019” with clinical trial done. (Active ingredient research)   


The patented active ingredient is proven to protect your DNA from UV light and act as stimulation of cells to produce more collagen.

Oya crème inhibits Glycation, by elimination of pollutants

An active ingredient that significantly inhibits DNA impairment by UV light

Support to give you back the firmness of your skin

Also effective on addressing skin sagging in other parts of the body, e.g. neck, arms. Which are rare to be found among other skin products.