The Ace-2 Story

As a professor with over 400 published articles it was only normal to be approached by major toothpaste companies to carry out research on their behalf. When I checked the list of ingredients in a new brand of toothpaste, I noticed the presence of Triclosan, a registered pesticide. Knowing how dangerous it is, I couldn’t accept the research funding and declined to work with that major toothpaste company. But I took it upon myself, to replace Triclosan with a Safe and natural plant extract that kills bacteria and fights viruses. I researched and published the results of my research that A natural plant extract “Quercetin “ a supplement that is USFDA approved as safe and efficient kills bacteria and fights virus entry into our cells.

After the 2003 SARS episode, the effect of Quercetin was tested against the 7 known strains of Corona virus. Quercetin and Vit C were recently brought to the limelight because of their positive effect in fighting the Covid 19. Covid 19 Virus enters our cells through ONE SITE ONLY known as ACE-2 Receptors (gateway to our DNA). Research demonstrated that Quercetin blocks the site of entry of the virus, the ACE-2 receptor ( shields the gate).

Simply, it protects our cells from being infected by the virus. Recent clinical trials in Virginia medical school and in Turkey reported the prophylactic ( protective) role Quercetin plays by adding an extra layer of defence against the Covid 19. Armed with my own research about Quercetin published between 2009 and 2020, I started to develop the Ace-2 mouthrinse and the Ace-2 water ( Rome was not built in a day ). My family members, my friends and their families all have been using the Ace-2 mouth rinse and drink Ace-2 water daily .

It is important to note that this does not replace wearing a mask and social distancing, but rather shield the site of entry of the virus. The daily dose of Q and Vit C used in the clinical trials is the same dose used in the Ace-2 water.

A useful science is measured by its impact on the society. I most certainly hope that the science that went into researching the active ingredients in Ace-2 mouth rinse and water helps to keep you and your family safe.